3D Modelled Illustration 2...

The images presented here are pure invention, modelled, surfaced, and rendered (except for the page 2-3 layout and people composite). Some make further use of image editing software to produce the final composite image.

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This two-page spread was created for a capabilities brochure. I provided the overall concept, direction of photography, image scan, retouch, and compositing. This illustration combined 3D modelled illustration and photography.

3D modelled illustration - Architectural Visualization. These are two views of a proposed photographic learning center. Based on architectural drawings, I omitted the roof, illustrating the architecture within the building and relation to adjoining spaces.

Another view of the animated bald eagle.
3D modelled earth and trees.

This model was used to create an animation that illustrated a large multi-compressor gas storage facility. Cut-away views and animation special effects were used to illustrate gas flow, compressor function and failure modes, vibrations, and pipe deflection and stress concentrations.

Created for an annual report. This is a cutaway of a 25 MW gas turbine power generator. 3D animated Schweitzer glider.
An off-shore drilling platform caisson was built in 3D from engineering plans and then combined with the design team. The composite used 7 photos to create the final grouping.